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So who is Slashman X?


Slashman X is the online "persona" of Eóin Martin, a 20 year-old software enginner from Ireland. I am currently in the 4th year of a 4 year course at Dundalk Institute of Technologies to obtain of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Computing. I've been coding in PHP since the age of 14 and also have more than adeqaute skills in jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL and Java. I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Brandt Technologies after spending 3 tortuous years working in a pub.

What goes on here?


This site is used by me as a blog and portfolio. My blog will generally consist of coding tutorials and experiences, while maybe also touching on my hatred at the way my college is run. You may also expect some random rants which I have built up from my 3 years working as a loungeboy. My portfolio will consis of college projects, sites I've coded and some random code snippets which I think will be useful for other developers.

Where else can I find you?


I have many profiles across the web including on: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linked In

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